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Welcome to Enwave Australia

We design, build, own and operate water, gas and energy networks for entire communities.

Our bespoke solutions are both cost and resource efficient and, because we aren’t encumbered by legacy systems, we pursue all forms of proven technology to deliver the best outcomes possible.


Potable water. Wastewater treatment. Recycled water.


Natural Gas. Bio gas. Wind. Grid power. Waste to energy. Solar. Hydro. Battery storage. Hydrogen. Steam. Cooling. Heating.


Fibre optics. WiFi.

Our Holistic Approach

We look beyond the obvious to deliver our customers with economies of scale for better pricing and resource efficiency for asset endurance.

Developers, planners, landholders and major government bodies access our powerful platform because we can deliver their entire water, energy and telecommunication needs in a single solution.

A Long-term Capital Partner

We have a long-term appetite to own, manage and invest in businesses that provide us with an ability to generate, transmit, distribute and sell essential services.

We work with a broad range of stakeholders to devise better essential service systems for their projects. And, since we have the backing of one of the world’s biggest infrastructure companies, we can access capital to assist in the delivery, management or ownership of utility infrastructure.

The Enwave Advantage

We focus on delivering our customers a broad range of benefits.

Cost efficiency
Environmental sustainability
Ability to invest
Real asset expertise
Transparent operating model
Asset endurance
Product flexibility

About us

Enwave Australia is a large infrastructure investment company.

What We Own

The companies in which we have a direct investment include TasGas Retail, TasGas Networks, Enwave Tonsley, Enwave Mascot, Enwave Central Park. Together, they provide essential services to over 19,000 customers nationally.

Our customers

We work with government, developers, planners, landowners and whole communities to devise intelligent ways of delivering essential services in a cost efficient and sustainable manner.

Extensive expertise

We are not weighed down by legacy systems or products; we are solution-agnostic, providing us with an unblinkered ability to tailor solutions that are fit for purpose.

Our long-term view

Our backing provides us with an indisputable point of differentiation; not only can we design outstanding ways to deliver essential services, we can also provide capital solutions for our projects and partners. We are a long-term investor, which means we focus on providing solutions that will endure.

Careers with Enwave Australia

Enwave Australia prides itself on recruiting the right people into the right roles and we’re always looking for people with the ability to foster excitement, energy and opportunity across our business.

Career enquiries.

Contact us

If you have a question or a utility challenge you need solved, please email or call us and we will be happy to assist.

5 Kiln Court St Leonards, 7250
Phone: +61 3 6336 9350

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